Having grown up in Glasgow and studied in Edinburgh, I moved to London straight after University. 18 years later, I moved back to Glasgow and found a whole new food scene waiting for me. I write a food blog called A Spoonful Of Sugar, which is a mix of restaurant reviews, recipes and a bit of travel. This website however, is essentially my discovery of everything Scotland’s food scene has to offer. This will take some time of course! Glasgow and Edinburgh alone are stuffed full of excellent restaurants, quirky tearooms, cool cafes, hip coffee joints, enchanting delis and so much more.

As this is still fairly new to me, I am concentrating on Glasgow first, mainly because I live in Glasgow and its easier for me to eat around it. I adore Edinburgh so try to get there once a week, but it does mean my discovery of its food scene will take a little longer.

With time, I hope to extend my reach out of the cities and into the depths of Scotland. And of course, new features and items will be added to this website as I learn more.

I hope you enjoy discovering this exciting food scene along with me!