This tiny restaurant is hugely popular due to its excellent offering of the best of Scotland’s fish and shellfish, cooked simply. Crabshakk, situated at the Finnieston end of Argyle Street, blends natural elements such as driftwood tables with reclaimed sandstone. As you walk in, you are confronted with four huge and very striking lamps above a large bar, the tiny driftwood tables to your left. One large table fills the window, where you can perch on stools. Above, there is a mezzanine area with lots of white tiling and a selection of black and white prints featuring the beaches of Lewis, the hometown of the owner, architect John Macleod. This place is designed for intimate hand-on-crustacean action. Be prepaired to know your neighours!

Photo: Crabshakk website

Favourites include seared scallops in anchovy butter which arrive in a roasting hot cast-iron skillet, the butter still bubbling. They were huge and juicy with the coral attached. Don’t agree to share with your friends, you’ll just end up resenting them!

And light and crispy tempura squid, which isn’t in the slightest bit greasy, served with a delicious soy and coriander dipping sauce…

The menu has been pretty much unchanged since it opened in 2009, although the daily specials change are definitely worth asking about. Pair this with an excellent wine list and it becomes clear why this stylish spot has been packing customer in like sardines, for years.

Crabshakk, 1114 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8TD
Twitter: @Crabshakk
Open every day: 12pm–12am
Phone: 0141 334 6127

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