A growing number of people are self employed these days, its terribly passé to work in an office you know! According to a 2016 report by Co-Operatives UK, 15% of the British workforce are now freelancers, and that number is steadily rising.

Its extremely difficult to stay disciplined enough to work from home without falling into watching endless episodes of How To Get Away With Murder, or suddenly realising there are endless tasks that need done around the house… “Is that door squeaking? I’ll go out and get some WD-40”. Consequently, work-friendly cafes are in great demand…unlimited, fast wifi, ample tables, lots of power sockets, good food and excellent coffee make freelancers extremely happy….cafe owners, not so much. So here are a few places which are a pleasure to work in…


You can usually get a table in this bustling coffee house on Gibson Street, even if it means sharing one. Its clearly a favourite hangout for freelancers as everyone in there appears to be nursing a flat white whilst staring at their MacBooks, eyes darting over the top every time someone new walks in. It doesn’t get too noisy so its pretty easy to concentrate, especially if you get a table upstairs. Although, its all too easy to find yourself people-watching instead of working! It does get busy though so its just good manners not to hog a table for hours on end.


Photo: Chloe at The Faerietale Foodie

If you walk up Gibson Street, past Artisan Roast, you’ll find Eton Lane off to the right. Down that little cobbled lane is Peña, a cool little coffee and toastie bar which used to be a music recording and rehearsal studio back in the days.

Walk through the sliding glass door, and you’ll see a tiny service area crammed in beneath the stairs in the semi-basement’s lower half. Order a coffee and go upstairs where there are booths and lots of power sockets as well as good wifi. For extra sustenance, make sure to order one of their toasties.


The Glad Cafe in the south side of the city has lots of tables, great wifi and very friendly staff who leave you alone…bliss! They also have a fantastic menu to keep you fuelled throughout your working day, as well as a terrific selection of cakes (both regular and gluten free) for that 4pm pick-me-up.


Kothel on Crow Road is a gorgeous place to sit in, has good wifi, a wonderful selection of cakes, coffee and teas to keep you going throughout your brain purge! It fills up fast so you may have to shuffle up a couple of stools to give other people a chance to sit down.


Kelvingrove Cafe has plenty of tables, lots of accessible plug points, fast wifi and a good mix of tasty small plates to munch on while you work. (The buttermilk fried chicken slider is a must!) The staff are super friendly too which helps, as they’re not eyeing you up willing you to leave!


With about 10 stools along the window, there aren’t many spots to work from in this little coffee shop, however, if you can try to get a spot, its worth it. Along the front-facing window there are plenty of power sockets, the atmosphere is super-chilled, the coffee is excellent plus they have fab cakes and terrific breakfast and lunch plates.

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